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Minoanbee First words

GOD’s nectarMinoanbee Nectar

Minoanbee Bee Static
Minoanbee imghoney varietyof thyme and pine
Minoanbee of thyme and pine
Minoanbee of thyme and pine Minoanbee Natura

If there is magic on this planet, then it surely lies in the perfection of nature

Historical reference – Production area

Since antiquity, thyme honey has been widely known for its beneficial properties. For four thousand years, since the time of the first European Minoan civilization, honey from the same Cretan herbs and plants has been collected in the southernmost part of Europe. This mixture of culture and nature exists up to this very day.

The two sites we have selected for our bees (Agios Nikitas-Maridaki and Selakanos forest) are included in the “Natura 2000” protected areas network due to their special environmental importance, which is the result of their geographical isolation and the limited presence of humans. Landscapes of exceptional beauty that enhance the high ecological value of the area.

Honey & Health

Rich amber in color, with a pleasant aroma, Cretan honey has much more to give besides delighting our senses, such as wellness, longevity, and protection against diseases and bacterial infections.

Thyme honey is rich in carbohydrates. It has a high content of pollen tiny grains (over 25%), making it particularly rich in minerals and trace elements. Its high nutritional value boosts our health and protects us from diseases

Wellness stimulation Detoxification Minoanbee Elements
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